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About Us

About PinXin

We will always put the customer’s requirements, the quality and the honesty on the first position in our business and design.

Our Team

Pinxin is a young factory with experienced team. Our team cooperated with Honeywell and participate Honeywell internal training. The whole team has more than 10 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing of gas pressure regulators. We do OEM for some famous regulator brands both in domestic and international market. We became the member of China Natural Gas Standardization Committee in 2020 and take part in the constitution of the national gas regulator standard-GB 27790-2020.


All of the components of our products are from the same supplier of the famous brand gas regulators. Efficient production line is very  particular in the industry and highly raised by our customers. All of these ensure us to supply our customers good products with steady good quality. We keep on working on making our products better and better and got several patents of the structure of our small regulators. These new structures make our regulators get better performance and more competitive in the market. 


Why Choose Us ?


We provide customized services. We can flexibly customize the gas pressure regulator according to the pressure and flow you need. Few factories on the market can do this for you, and most of them can only make standard products.


Pinxin gas pressure regulators all meet the national gas appliance testing standards, and will become a member of the China Natural Gas Standardization Committee in 2020, and participate in the formulation of national gas regulatory standards-GB 27790-2020


We have been committed to making our products better and better, and have obtained 3 patents for our small regulator structure. These new structures allow our regulators to perform better and become more competitive in the market.

Our Mission

Quality and honesty is the English meaning of our name and what we are always following. We will cooperate with our domestic and international partners on the development and research of the Green Energy Industry.